update–second edition.

Wow, just updated and already out-dated. So here comes the newest update of the blog engine and with it a new gallery system! Yes, I need to create the content for the gallery little by little and probably, I won’t be able to import all the stuff from the old ones, but I will upload some nice pictures for sure! So find the gallery link in the menu above and have a look. I’m open for suggestions. Cheers!


  • j.h.

    Welcome back :)

    I haven’t updated wordpress yet. So, is this new gallery included in WP 2.7?

  • henning

    no, the gallery system is not an official part of wordpress 2.7, but an extension in form of a plugin. It is not that easy to handle at first, but if you get the concept and read the docs, you get the idea pretty quickly. The gallery system can be found here: NextGEN Gallery by Alex Rabe.

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