Mendeley, bibtex and the web page citation fiasco

Here is a work-around for the insufficiently-functioning Mendeley bibtex export for web page/URL citations. The issue is that a) the URL is exported as ‘url =’ and not ‘howpublished =’ and b) there is no ‘last accessed’ (aka ‘last viewed’ or ‘last checked’) field… This little workflow and command line might help someone.

Shoutcast Traffic

Yesterday, somebody asked me how much traffic a Shotcast server produces. And I though I might as well share the computation: Stream @ 128 kbps (Kilo Bit per second) on in average 30 days of a month n = average number of users that listen 24h per day s = 1.1 = Shoutcast overhead factor […]

Exim Helpers

Hi there, in the ‘old days’ I’ve been using the Exim MTA and just found a few helpful commands, which I thought might help some people also. Here we go… Count frozen messages in mail queue: exim4 -bpr | grep frozen | wc -l Remove all frozen messages from the mail queue: mailq | awk […]