updated, i18n, utf-8 and other issues

Hello World, how are you all doing? just finished your thanksgiving turkey and started to get busy in the christmas business? I’ve been busy, too: I finally managed to update my blog engine! No, really — no kidding! And with the update I am able to actually use it again ;) And I furthermore decided to change course a little bit. First things first: all upcoming posts will be written in the American English language. I hope that is ok with everybody. That also safes me from running into encoding issues which suddenly occured with the new version. I also thought about a change of course concerning the content of this weblog. But I think I’ll just follow the rules of chaos on that. So you’ll be able to find curiosities from all over the world, finindgs in computer science and other interesting stuff. The gallery is another troublesome problem. Until I found a nice engine for the gallery with all the functions I need, this part of my website will stay grounded. Oh by the way: I need the following features within the gallery system: user galleries, rotate on exif info, lightroom plugin for upload, import from copperming or gallery2 (yes: I used both of these systems), and some I cannot think of right now. So if you stumble upon sth let me know :) I guess that’s it for today. Stay tuned.


  • Dagobert


    er lebt noch. Du hast mich inspiriert, mein bloghing-System zu ?ºberdenken. Ich werde nun wohl nach langer Zeit zu wp zur?ºckkehren.

    Doch sage mir: wo kommt dein iPhone Theme her? — dann sage ich Dir, was du wohl schon wei?üt: es gibt ein wp iphone app, welches recht gut funktioniert und es besitzt offline Funktionalit?§ten!

  • henning

    Hi Dagobert,

    The iPhone page design is indeed a plugin for wp, which I threw in just for fun more or less. But it worked instantly :)

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