Out there and back!

Hey folks, thanks for stopping by again! Well – long time no see — and I apologize! Got some interesting travel and other stuff going on lately. Guess, I gotta say ‘happy new year’ to everyone before I continue!! I’m going to write something about our trip to New York City (which was awesome by […]

Einmal W?ɬºste und zur?ɬºck – von zeitlosen Flugh?ɬ§fen und erleuchtenden Erdnusssnacks

Hola! Die Feiertage gut ?ɬºberlebt musste ich mich alsbald den Semi-Finals und nun auch den Finals annehmen. Was das sind? Nun – Klausuren … einmal in der Mitte eines Semesters und einmal am Ende des Selbigen. Die Semi-Finals (auch Mid-Terms genannt) finden gleich nach den Thanksgiving-Feiertagen statt – Die Finals jetzt. Zwar war es diesmal […]

Halloween on file

Hi folks, here we go … the last images, my sweet little 50mm f/1.4 could produce before it broke down. I think, I’m not going to post the ones from the party one day later – they are so emberassing in quality that I’d rather not release them for public critics. If you want to […]

First Snow

Moin moin … Der erste Schnee f?ɬ§llt nun langsam und leise rieselnd auf die Campus-Erde … und gleichzeitig wird rasen gem?ɬ§ht … haha – ich verstehe es nicht und bin ver?ɬ§rgert ?ɬºber den L?ɬ§rm. Welcome the first snow of the season! Probably the strange people who moan the lawn EVERY Thursday do not care about […]

Eat more SPAM!

Good Morning folks, the next level of spam bots required me to install a so called captcha to the gallery in order to fight off those stupid and annoying spam-bots. So from now on, everybody has to type in those letters in the box – you know the story, I guess. Thanks to Abbd for […]


Darn it … My Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 recently stopped listening to any focusing commands. It is somehow jammed inside and doesn’t move anymore neither in manual nor auto focus mode. I gotta get it to Germany asap in order to get it fixed. I should think about getting global warrenty options for my lenses […]

New Pictures Arrived!

Ha, finally, I convinced my server to accept my ftp requests to upload the pictures. I now proudly present: The Car (more here) … [thumb:4927:i][thumb:4926:i][thumb:4925:i] The pictures of the mace the other day (more here) … [thumb:4818:i][thumb:4842:i][thumb:4865:i] And last but not least – our apartment (more here) … [thumb:4891:i][thumb:4898:i][thumb:4903:i] Have fun and take care!