Out there and back!

Hey folks, thanks for stopping by again! Well – long time no see — and I apologize! Got some interesting travel and other stuff going on lately. Guess, I gotta say ‘happy new year’ to everyone before I continue!! I’m going to write something about our trip to New York City (which was awesome by the way!) and will also upload the latest pictures from there! Talking of which – I attanded the North American International Autoshow (NAIAS) in Detroit and also made some pics there. Think I found my new car (come on – everybody needs dreams, right? *sigh*) New Year – New Gallery. That’s what I thought at least. So I tried to bring up a new gallery system for my site. Bigger, better, faster, stringer, and so forth. But actually it got more like minimalistic. Well, check it out for yourself and tell me what you think: http://gallery.henningweiler.de Migrating all the content and adjusting the system to my likes took longer than expected. But finally everything worked out – Sorry guys, but all the user names with funny signs in it (e.g. ^^) had to be removed (those things gave my migration scripts a damn hard time) – please register again and I’ll put you back into your groups. What else is new? Erm – dunno. You tell me :) I’ll know go and watch a movie or something. Thanks!

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