True, true…

Today, I received an article about the nation-wide crash of the mobile communication provider ‘T-Mobile’ which lead about 39 million people to not have mobile communications and to the insight, that–most of them at least–are addicted to their constant availablility. Somewhere along this article, this statement showed up:
Wir haben das Telefon erfunden, damit wir einander schnell erreichen und keine Telegramme mehr schicken m?ºssen. Wer h?§tte jemals gedacht, dass man eines Tages modernste Telefonapparate dazu missbrauchen wird, auf kleinen Tasten – mit Zeichen geizend und per Ein-Finger-Such-Technik – Nachrichten an den Sitznachbarn zu schicken?
In English:
We invented the telephone so we are able to communicate faster and to get rid of the telegrams. Who thought that we one day use modern high-tech telefones–with way too small multi-lettered keys and a one-finger-search methodology–to send a message to the person sitting right next to us.
I think that’s really true.

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